Civil War Turning Point

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The Civil War in America was so much more than just a war. This event brought along with it so many changes. Changes like abolition of slavery, voting rights for all men, Medical advances like improved surgical skills, hospital organization, anesthetic and many more. While the main thing that is thought of when we talk about the civil war is freedom for slaves and African Americans fighting in the war it is actually responsible for so much more. The Civil War was a major turning point for America. It pushed America into the future and it couldn’t have happened without influential leaders like Abraham Lincoln, William A. Hammond, and Ulysses S Grant. Each one of these leaders brought with them great ideas and leadership and helped advance American…show more content…
He did not agree with it originally however after he was elected President and the Civil War had started he started to see that even the Slaves should be treated equal. Lincoln struggled to find a Union General that would follow his orders to fight the confederacy. However Lincoln did finally find a general that would not only follow his orders but be successful in the attacks. The General that he was able to get to follow his orders and fight the Confederates was Ulysses S Grant. Ulysses S. Grant was General and then promoted to General-in- Chief of the United States Armies by President Lincoln. During the civil war Grant’s strategy was to prevent the confederates led by General Lee from winning the war and he accomplished this by keeping them from getting any supplies or reinforcements. Grant was greatly criticized for these tactics because they caused great damage to civilian property and human lives. However Grant was very successful in his tactics, he was ultimately successful in the task that he was given by President Lincoln. The Confederacy ended up surrendering. Grant was an influential part in bringing America to the future because of his strong leadership abilities and being able to not only complete but accept the task of fighting the Confederates given to him by
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