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Carlton Michael Gray “The Stocking Strangler” Kesha Wilson Criminology 234 University of the Cumberlands People often wonder who exactly a serial killer is and how exactly a serial killer comes to be. A serial killer is a person who is known to kill three or more people within a thirty day time period with down time between each kill known as his cooling off period. Each serial killer has been known to only target people who fit certain descriptions; this is called his target group and is usually believed to have been triggered by someone or something who he is then reminded of in each of his victims. Although this isn’t always the case, in many serial killer profilers you will come to learn that all the victims are similar in one or more traits. Thorough the course of this paper you will be able to better explore a fraction of the life of a serial killer who was mostly known as “The Stocking Strangler” Growing up Carlton Gary was thought to have something of a rough childhood. As a child it was…show more content…
Attorney William J. Smith, Muscogee County District Attorney, who was representing the state in the couth proceedings, presented to the court “that while Gary was charged in three murders, the government would show evidence connecting him to seven. He went on to say that they would hear of how, when Gary was suspected of killing Nellie Farmer, he had successfully deflected suspicion from him by implicating another man and how Gary repeated this subterfuge.” (Noe, unknown).The state used witnesses that included who saw Gary in the general vicinity, finger printing experts, and medical personnel. It is stated that due to the gruesomeness of the crimes, many jurors had trouble both listening and viewing the photos giving as well. Gary was later convicted on all nine counts of murder with three listed and charged in the first degree. Gary was then sentenced to

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