Summary Of Carol S. Dweck's Is Math A Gift?

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This week’s readings were mostly secondary readings with the exception of Chapter 7 Differentiating the High School which retailed a series of events of the time period that shaped many of today’s educational beliefs, such as that girls are not fitted for mathematics or science in general. However, all readings argue about if this last statement was completely true, if boys were better at sciences, I personally believe that everyone is capable to do good in any subject that he/she puts his mind into. There is not such a thing as ‘being smarter’ than someone else, it all depends on how willing one is to achieve ones goal. In the article “Is Math a Gift? Beliefs that Put Female at Risk, by Carol S. Dweck, she writes about a series of experiments performed to various groups of students where were the girls that got the lower scores because they believed that math or science is something that one is born with, but towards the end of the article, she argues that without effort nothing can be achieved, unfortunately many people do not thinks this way. They believe that someone can actually born…show more content…
If we take a look at chapter 7 we might find our answer. The chapter makes references to the “Boy Problem” and how concerning it was this issue for many educational reformers. But before getting into this issue, many of these reformers came to agree that schools should had been not identical for boys and girls. Yet “they designed an institution that was in most respects the same for all- unisex, uniclass, unicultural and unipurpose- even though citizens paths diverged in adulthood (167). However, this did not happen since schools only reflected the values of the white Protestant, middle class man who created and ran them. Thus, groups of imigrants and african american were less likely to receive the same privileges as white boys. Girls were also in some cases even excluded from publics

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