Dr. Wheeler's Speech Analysis

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My Reflection on Dr. Wheeler’s Speech Dr. Wheeler’s speech was inspirational, and informative. Thus, Dr. Wheeler spoke about the role of us as social workers fighting social injustice. Moreover, he started off his speech discussing Dorothy Pearson, and how she molded him. Dr. Wheeler stated, “social work is a verb; it is social and work.” Also, he spoke about how we as social workers, have to be engaged in this field, if we’re going to get the job done. However, it’s easy to talk the talk, but as social workers, we need to put what we say into action. Dr. Wheeler made another remark stating, “historically times have not change.” Nonetheless, what stood out for me, is when Dr. Wheeler mentioned, “social workers are the largest provider…show more content…
We as social workers have to have a complete understanding of this profession. Also, we have to be aware of all levels of this field, and engage ourselves in policies, and look for gaps in them, so we can have a better society. We as social workers, have many roles to play, when working with our clients. We have to have a complete understanding of human diversity, so we can be effective in the field. We as social workers, do want the helping process to be productive. Also, I agree with another comment that Dr. Wheeler made, when he stated, “we have to pay attention to the historical realities, so we can be effective in our work as social workers today.” Yes, many children who are living in a single parent home, usually end up having poor outcomes. Many of these kids suffer from poor health conditions, lack of education, and so on. We have to advocate for our client population. We have to fight social injustice. When we’re trying to implement policies, and look for gaps in them, we need to think about the target population, and how they have been effected historically by the issue, and how the population is being effected now. Thus, when we come together as a society, then change will come, but we have to keep

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