Cinematic Orchestr Song Analysis

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Song One) To build a home by the cinematic orchestra is a very emotional piece. It frequently talks about loneliness and pain like what Andy is facing. This song also mentions losing something very valuable in memory. “Tears of a Tiger “ has lots of examples that relate to going through things alone, with no one to guide you. This song mentions build a great memory for someone but then losing it, depressingly. This song may be one of the saddest songs ever made, and it greatly explains Andy’s life. Song Two) Siren song is about finding your family and someone to care about you. Andy is have problems and needs someone to care for him through hard times. Towards the end of this song it mentions giving in and becoming evil and not caring.…show more content…
They were slowly drifting apart (until they broke up), just like the couple in this song. Andy was to attached to Keisha helping him through his problems but now they are separated he can’t deal with life itself. Andy though still believes that “We’re not broken just bent”, while Keisha is doing fine Andy is now struggling with life. This Sentimental song has a great effect on the audience’s mood and shows very effectively Andy and Keisha’s…show more content…
Though he is dead they will always love him no matter how far away he is from reality. Rob may still feel the love from Hazelwood no matter how far away they are. Their love will always be in their hearts just like John Legend still has love in his. This song truly shows that Hazelwood will always love Rob, and all of the memories with him. Song Six) This song by Adele is about losing someone, as they join someone else. Andy will always take the blame for Rob’s death but he does not focus on the positive. Rob has left Andy, but he went up heaven, in a better place where all of your wildest dreams can come true. Andy though hopes that he will not forget him back in reality. “Don't forget me, I beg” is a great example from the song that represents Andy wanting Rob to treasure all of their memories together. Rob may be in a better place but Andy will always be with him (Until he commits suicide…). Song

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