Malcolm X's Authentic Leadership Style

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Authentic leadership is a theory introduced by Bill George in his book "Authentic Leadership" and "True North." George defines authentic leadership as a leadership style that is connected with core values and a leader’s personality; also truthful, ethical and real/ genuine. An authentic leadership style is one that can adjust to changing different situations. An authentic leader is more concerned with helping people reach their full potential than personal power or control. Leaders of such, acted from the heart. George highlights that anyone can become an authentic leader through developing their leadership abilities, hard work, and dedication. Authentic leaders are committed to continuing their personal growth and committed to building long lasting relationships and strong communities. Leaders should also be able to handle different situations when necessary and not be fearful of change. Bill George suggests that to start developing your authentic leadership style, you should begin by practicing the five qualities/…show more content…
Malcolm X experienced a lot of different challenges throughout his life; such as racism, dropping out of school, and being jailed for years. Mr. X was born as Malcolm Little in Nebraska. Malcolm's father died by a white men because of his political and social bluntness. The death of Malcolm’s father affected him and his family severely. Malcolm's mother struggled trying to bring up eight children alone in extreme poverty. Therefore, his family was broken up and Malcolm had to live in a foster home. Later, he went to live with his half-sister but soon turned to a lifestyle of crime; such as drug dealing and robbery. Soon enough, all of karma caught up to him and he was sentenced to prison in his 20’s. As you can see, X had many negative and rough critical life events but he soon gained self-awareness and grew from his

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