Black Legion Riot Essay

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In the summer of 1943 a massive riot broke out in downtown Detroit, which resulted in the injuries and arrests of several hundred individuals. In addition to these numerous amount of persons arrested and wounded, there was also a total of thirty-four deaths by the time the riot calmed down. Following the riot there were many statements towards the brutality and discrimination of blacks which ultimately led to further investigation on police officers and offered a sense of relief to the rioter’s family and friends. There are many arguable causes depending on the person and the situation they were in when the riot occurred. Officers and reporters often viewed this riot as the climax of a tension brought upon by the black culture due to racial…show more content…
Many of the rioters claim they worship Martin Luther King Jr. and his ways of nonviolent protesting; but reporters would say differently. Due to the fear implemented into many families’ minds, thirteen of the schools were closed, and many shops were instructed to move things away from the windows and to lock up any guns or ammunition that could possibly be accessed by the rioters (Atkins, 1943). Walter Atkins stated that this was the “bloodiest race war in the history of the country.” Reports of the injuries, arrests, and fatalities prove Walter’s statement is true; there were over two hundred arrests, seven hundred injuries, and thirty-four deaths. In addition to the harm done to the people there was roughly one million dollars in property damage done, and also a countless number of hours of work wasted (23 Dead, Hundreds Injured…1943). One major reason this riot began is the supposed report of a Negro woman and her child being killed the day before in the Detroit River (23 Dead, Hundreds Injured….1943). This is only one of the many causes thought to have produced this uproar, but it could very well be the breaking point of the ongoing racial tension that Detroit dealt with

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