Christopher Havin Having A Disability Character Analysis

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Being different can mean many things. It can mean you have black hair and everyone else has blonde hair, or that you like country music and everybody else likes rock. Christopher had a disorder that affected his behavior, communication and social interaction with others. Christopher may be unlike than a child without Aspergers in some ways, but I wouldn’t call him “different”. Having a disability can be very hard to live with, in Christopher's case he doesn't understand human emotion which makes it hard for him to communicate and share his feelings with others. In the book, when Christopher went to go live with his mother, he realized he needed to go back to Swindon to take his A level math test, page 202. He couldn’t communicate to his mother how important and meaningful this test was to him.…show more content…
Christopher wanted to be an astronaut, which he could probably never do because he needed to be close to someone he trusted and he could never go up into space because of this. On pg. 131 and 132 Christopher said: “And then I thought about how I could never be an astronaut because being an astronaut means being hundreds of thousands of miles away from home, and my home was in London now and that was about 100 miles away, which was more than 1000 time nearer than my home would be if I was in space, and thinking about this made me hurt. . . And it made me sad to think that I could never become an astronaut.” Whether you have Aspergers, or your in a wheelchair, or you are blind your dreams may become even harder to

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