Gender Roles Trojan Women

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Gender role is defined by many as the set of social and behavioral norms that are widely believed to be socially appropriate for the mortals of the specific gender. Although this definition encompasses a great deal of most people believe today, it offers a hidden meaning that only when we look deeper we can begin to analyze it. In our democratic land of opportunity, women are still making 77 cents for every dollar a man earns, although the numbers vary depending on the sources from which these data are obtained. It is still seen that today women are underpaid in contrast to their male colleagues. To obtain a general estimate of how this habitual thinking toward gender role differences developed in our judgment, we have to look at our past in…show more content…
Offers quite a dark picture of how women treat one of among their own gender. From the early pages, it was clearly stated that Trojan women hated Helen for causing their pain and suffering and being the femme Fatale, a rather seductive woman with evil. Although Trojan women should not be blamed for hating Helen, after all she was the cause for their destruction. The question that present it is why those women were punished by the gods. None of the gods stood by their side with the exception of Athena and Poseidon, whom which created storms that was not merely enough to parish the Greek army. Leading to the notion that if it wasn’t for Athena’s temple being destroyed, none of the gods would have made a move to help protect the Trojan women let alone the Trojan culture. A mere dire case is that present itself is Andromache, Hector’s wife, whom I believe suffered the most pain of every character in The Trojan Women and The Iliad combined. She witnessed the death of Polyxena when she informed Hector “I saw her with mine eyes; so I alighted from the chariot, and covered her corpse with a mantle, and smote upon my breast” referring to Polyxena. Later she witnessed the death of her son Astyanax, who was thrown from the city wall. All these horrifying events were witnessed by Andromache, but she wasn’t able to do anything, why, perhaps because she was a woman, a very defenseless woman who was not even capable of saving her own

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