Chivalry In Beowulf

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Beowulf Essay The story Beowulf is an anglo-saxon poem of a warrior/king named Beowulf. Beowulf is a notorious warrior throughout the novel that annihilates several beasts and sea monsters in his life. As a warrior Beowulf does his job as he’s supposed to and sometimes even better as a king. Aside from that Beowulf is mostly about chivalry and how it is needed to maintain a kingdom. The most talked about in Chivalry in Beowulf are kings and warriors and their roles in keeping order, and safety in a kingdom. In Beowulf, we see that the roles of kings and warriors are related yet very different. Warriors aren’t as adulated as much as kings, but their role is crucial to a kingdom’s survival. Kings are usually praised for what warriors do to keep the kingdom going. Warriors protect the kingdom from barbarians and take care civilians that disrupt…show more content…
Kings aren’t supposed to risk their lives as much as warriors because if they do; the whole kingdom is at stake, an exemplar would be when Beowulf died causing the land of Geats to be in serious threat. The king is expected to be selfless but not to the point of death. Kings are supposed to enforce the orders knowing that it will help his kingdom; he’s the brains behind the kingdom’s solidity. The words of a king are (or can be) so influential to the populace that it can keep firmness of the kingdom. A king is supposed to be valiant compared to a warrior so that issues may be solved, and if a king is not fearless, it could create fear among the nation. Beowulf had to correct Hrothgar (the king of Danes) for his reaction to a problem in the kingdom, Beowulf said, “Wise sir, don’t grieve….Endure your troubles to-day and be the man I expect you to be.” (97). Kings and warriors may have different roles and they need to follow them for
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