Chinese Immigration In The Late 1800's

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As the United States endured the Industrial Revolution, it became one of the most powerful and acknowledged countries in the world. This would forever change the American lifestyle, giving poorer nationalities a sense of hope that if they moved to America, they would be able to start a new, more successful life. This caused several new immigrants to travel to the United States starting the late 1800’s. These groups of immigrants came from places all over the world including: Europe, China, Japan, West Indies, and Mexico. They were willing to take the long journey as many of these immigrants wanted to escape religious persecution in their home country, get away from famines occurring worldwide, join the Gold Rush in hopes to strike it rich, obtain more…show more content…
Many of them wanted to join the Gold Rush in order to start a new lifestyle, but many immigrants were asked to come and help build the famous transcontinental railroad as well. These Chinese Immigrants would begin experiencing discrimination before even becoming American citizens, starting when they arrived on Angel Island for inspection in San Francisco. Many of the immigrants had to endure long detentions in very filthy buildings and endure demanding interrogations. Not all Chinese immigrants were even accepted into the United States as full citizens. Discrimination against these immigrants was very evident if one compares their treatment to that of the European immigrants on Ellis Island in New York. They would go through a fast physical exam by a doctor, then be quickly questioned to see if they met the prerequisites of becoming a citizen. Over seventeen million European Immigrants were accepted as citizens without any fuss, the complete opposite of what Chinese immigrants experienced. However, this would not be the end, as Chinese Immigrants continued to face challenges after becoming American

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