How Is Ronald Reagan A Good Role Model

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Brett Griesbaum Miss Jamie Geisendorfer 8th English 24 March 2015 3rd Draft Ronald Reagan: The Era of Greatness Ronald Reagan was a true patriot who not only devoted his life to his country, yet cared as much for others as he did his country; resulting in a changed opinion of government during the 80’s when most people were unsure. Truly, he is a role model for everyone. Reagan came to the office as anyone else, yet set a legacy for government for years to come. Leadership wasn’t his only great quality. He was a great entertainer, and not only as an actor, but as a speaker. Not only was he skilled but he was also a great Christian man. Willingly he cared for everyone else, and not himself. All in all, Ronald Reagan was a true patriot. During Reagan’s childhood he went through obstacles to shape the great patriot we all know today. Ronald Reagan was born on February 6, 1911 in a hospital in Tampico, Florida (Brinkley). Reagan’s parents were Nelle…show more content…
Soon, Ronald began to love sports. During high school, Reagan attended Dixon High School (“Ronald Reagan Biography”). Mainly, Reagan played football and swam as a teen (“Ronald Reagan Biography”). Ronald not only liked sports, but was good at it. In high school he played varsity football (Brinkley). After breezing through high school, Ronald moved off to college (Brinkley). He went to Eureka College in Illinois (“Ronald Reagan Biography”). Exceedingly, he majored in economics (“Ronald Reagan Biography”). Yet, he also majored in Sociology (“Ronald Reagan Biography”). At college, out of the classroom, he played football, and was team captain of the swim team (“Ronald Reagan Biography”). There was also a funny coincident of Ronald’s college years, because he was president of student council (“Ronald Reagan Biography”). In 1932 Ronald graduated college and moved on to be a radio announcer (Brinkley). Ronald had great teenage years where he truly became

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