The Dark Knight Rises: Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy

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The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final movie in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy. In this action filled movie, Batman has to fight his latest villain, an unstoppable and inhumane man named Bane. The movie takes place about eight years after Batman took the blame for Harvey Dent’s death. Since then, Batman has stayed secluded from the world and simply watched from his window. Before Bane arrives, the Dent Act was keeping the streets clean of criminals. However, after Bane arrives, he terrorizes the city through different attacks, such as the attack Gotham Stock Exchange. Through these series of violent attacks, Batman comes out of the shadows and is determined to fight Bane. The Dark Knight Rises takes place in the city named Gotham. Gotham isn’t like any other urban city.…show more content…
He terrorizes Gotham City and those who live it in with the goal to defeat the city as the top leader of the League of Shadows. The audience can better understand Bane through differential association. Differential association is a theory that was first proposed by Edwin H. Sutherland, in which “criminal behavior is learned through association with others who regularly engage in crime” (Page 167). Bane is a perfect example of this since he was born inside of a prison known as the Pit. His whole childhood consisted of being surrounded by criminals, including being raised by one. Since they were in such close proximity, Bane learned and adopted their motives, ambitions, and attitudes. Through differential association, the audience can see how it was easier socially for Bane to commit crimes since he had learned criminal behavior in his early childhood. Criminal acts were the norm in the Pit, if he hadn’t grown up in that situation then the fate of Gotham may have been different. The basis of this theory is that committing criminal acts is a learned behavior, which Bane proves true through his

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