Chile Earthquake Research Paper

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An earthquake is sudden violent shaking of the ground, as a result of movements within the earth's crust. Tectonic plates have formed deep ocean trenches and high mountain ranges. An earthquake occurs when tension and pressure build up as the plate edges slide past and bump into each other and sometimes-even stick together. Most of the world's earthquakes happen along the Ring of Fire, countries that sit along the ring of fire are Chile, Japan and New Zealand. The Chile earthquake occurred because it sits on the ring of fire, which there is a 90% of earthquakes occurring along the ring of fire. The deathly Chile earthquake occurred in 2010 on Saturday, 27 February at 03:34 socking many. The intense shaking of the quake lasted 3 minutes effecting…show more content…
Farmers were hugely affected by the disaster having their crops destroyed by the earthquake and their land wash away from the aftermath of the earthquake, which was a tsunami. It was investigated that about 1.5 buildings/homes were unfortunately destroyed or badly damaged, leaving any homeless and jobless. It will cost 30 million dollars to rebuild and repair Chile’s homes/ building. As many of the hospitals were destroyed the military would set up field hospitals to treat the injured. Chileans school children learn to cope with the common earthquakes by practising earthquake dills 3 times a year, lining up when the alarm sounds and filing into the designated open space. Most build their homes with structural walls, as these walls are the least likely to collapse. The technology Quake Guard is used to detect the early non-destructive, fast moving waves emanating from the origin of an earthquake. Although this technology is only found overseas where earthquakes are prone it still gives the people in Chile and other places the change to be prepared for the earthquake. Science has a enormous impact on humans day to day life, changing our means of communication, the way we work, our housing, cloths, food, transportation and even the length and quality of life it self. Science has changed people’s life for many of years and plans n making more easer changes to human’s day-to-day

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