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Introduction In the era of 1970s, there was a huge revolution in England. The youth started getting dissatisfied. Then it gave so much influence to the music, art, and culture. It encouraged others to see many things from different point of view, such a revolution in thinking of thousands of people. They disagreed with the establishment and the way the country was being run. Then, people just looking for another way to express their frutstations, which helped to give rise to the fun that disco music provided. Disco/club, progressive rock, punk rock/new wave, funk and soul are the popular music genres of the 1970s. It brings some impacts to the society and culture itself. They create a style from each type of music. Design within the Punk…show more content…
He was born in 1947 in Croydon, Surrey. It was at the Croydon Art School that Jamie Reid first met Malcolm McLaren, the manager of group band “The Sex Pistols”. Jamie Reid designed the well known posters and record cover graphics for that band. His work brings so much influence in the future design world. He produced his most scandalous and famous work around this time. Reid’s artwork for that group came to define and symbolize the English punk rock scene of the late 1970’s. He is raised in a politically active family. His grandfather died gun-running for the Chinese, his Scottish great uncle was head of the Druids and also one of the first Labour parliamentary candidates, his brother was a spy and his mother was a firm believer in faries. His father was the financial editor of a newspaper and the whole family were steeped in Socialism. Since Reid in a young age, he was politically active and get involved in the student protest movement of 1968, organizing student occupations and demos with his friend Malcolm McLaren. They were motivated by opposition to right-wing politics, socio-political reform and emotionally charged by rock

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