Childhood Obesity Research Paper

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Fast Food Advertisement is the Main Cause of Childhood Obesity Have people ever thought that commercials on TV could effect on their children’s health? It could be affect on their health because of the time that children spend to watch TV, therefore, during that time they will see a lot of commercials that convince them to try it. In addition, people have a wrong idea that is to spend more time with their family in some restaurants of fast food without thinking of the effects on their health and especially for their children. According to the school of public health at Harvard “Globally, an estimated 43 million preschool children (under age 5) were overweight or obese in 2010, a 60 percent increase since 1990”. Researchers found that the world is suffering from high rates of obesity especially during childhood. So there are many causes of childhood obesity such as, parent, lack of exercise, non-healthy food and so on. However, fast food advertisement is considered to be the main cause of childhood obesity.…show more content…
According to Shin etc. all stated that, fast food advertisement has a strong link with childhood obesity. The commercial of a product of fast food on TV, Social media can impact on children and attract their attention .For example, when children watch their favorite show on TV, they will see many commercials while they watch the TV. In addition, the commercial will be in children’s mind according to estimates made by Kunkel (2001) “In the late 1970s, children viewed an average of about 20,000 commercials aired on television per year” (qtd in Yi Chou etc. all). In other words, it is very huge number of commercials and that was only in the past. Now commercials are increasing and people can see it in different types like in TV, posters in the street and so on. The rate of childhood obesity is increasing as the fast food advertisement

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