Child Abuse In The Oprah Winfrey

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Since the onset of humankind, humans have used anger or abuse of some kind as a medium of releasing pent up frustration and stress; this release can range from slamming a door to even hurting other individuals, emotionally, physically, or sexually, who are in close proximity, emotionally or literally. When an individual’s stress and frustration are released upon other individuals, it causes extensive amounts of pain, emotional and/or physical, on the person the abuse is inflicted upon. One of the worst situations of this kind of abuse is when it is being inflicted upon children. Multiple times, child abuse can result in the child to adopt the same, or similar, lifestyle of his/her abuser. However, there are multiple cases where child abuse…show more content…
The abuse, which lasted from the ages of nine to thirteen, was emotionally devastating” ( When Oprah was around nine years old, her mother treated her as though something was wrong with her because of Oprah’s distinct love for reading. By the age of fourteen, Oprah had run away from her home, and began living with her father who provided her with the right direction to become a successful individual. Through all this training, her past of being sexually abused was not disclosed until much later during one of her episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Despite her haunting past, Winfrey, today “has succeeded in becoming the world's highest-paid entertainer, worth almost half a billion dollars and, with a daily audience of almost (twenty) million, one of the world's most powerful” (Johnson). The emotional abuse that Winfrey had to endure from her mother because she like to read was transformed into ‘Oprah’s Book Club’ when she became an adult. Overall, Oprah did not allow her to hinder her growth as a person, and made an independent life for herself away from her previous life of being sexually and emotionally…show more content…
He was a victim of intense physical and emotional abuse inflicted by his mother. At around the age of eleven, he was finally rescued through the attempts of his teachers, and a police officer who took him away to a group home. This escape was just the beginning of yet another journey of struggle and finding who he truly was. Through the entire time after being rescued, Dave just wanted to find out the truth as to why he was treated by his mother this way, so that HE could avoid becoming a reflection of her. Dave, truly, understood the complexity of the abuse that he was enduring, once he was rescued. Upon acknowledging the existence of an ulterior motive behind his abuse, he embarked on a journey of finding his identity, and eventually writing his autobiography titled, “A Child Called ‘It’”. This particular step enabled him to channel his pain, and queries into something productive for the entire population of the world. Dave, now, is a loving father to a son, and he lives where he always found solace and peace, in a beautiful home by the Russian River. In this way, Dave, despite being a victim of extensive physical and emotional abuse found a way out of the vicious cycle of abuse by writing out his life, and living where he always found peace.

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