Charles Murray Are There Too Many People Going To College Analysis

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University is a luxury rather than a necessity All the high school graduates’ parents would say to their kids, college is a place where young people dream realized. I have to say, if we want anything, the university is one of the best to achieve the ideal place. However, with the time develops, more and more people get into college. When these students graduated, they found out they wasted four years, because it is still too hard for them to find an appropriate job. “Does everyone belong to college?” This question becomes a headache and the serious problem for all the high school graduates and their parents. In the article Are there Too Many People Going to College, author Charles Murray believes that not everyone should go to college, because they can find a good enough job after high school, and most of college students do not have enough level for college level readiness. Not only Murray thinks not everyone belong to college, the author of 7 Major Misperceptions about the liberal Arts, Sanford. J Ungar also believes that there are so many misperceptions of the college learning system right now. The reason is there are more and more college graduate is difficult to find suitable employment. I agree with Ungar and Murray’s idea, which not everyone belongs to…show more content…
It is a score that only about 10 percent of American 18-year-olds would achieve if they all took the SAT, in an age when more than 30 percent of 18-year-olds go to college.

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