Chairul Tanjung Case Study

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Chairul Tanjung is an Indonesian businessman who currently holds the senior post of Coordinating Minister for Economics in the Indonesian cabinet. He was appointed to this post by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on 17 May 2014 following the resignation of the previous Coordinating Minister for Economics, Hatta Rajasa, who resigned to take part in Indonesia's 2014 presidential election. Chairul Tanjung founded his own company that is engaged in establishing Trans TV media.The company is advancing and finally managed to make a conglomarate which later was named is Para Group. Para Group itself,then split three fields,namely his efforts in the fieldof finance,property,multimedia. But after 1 december 2011Para Group changed its name of Crop CT. The use of “CT” on Crop CT is his initials. In addition to Crop CT Chairul Tanjung also has other business units such as : • Mega Corpora • Perbankan • PT Bank Mega Tbk (Bank Mega) •…show more content…
At the time of the Suharto era, newspapers Chairul father suspected as an important part of the old order and its local magazine company was finally forced to close. Start from right now the family economic has changed one hundred eighty percent degree.the house a liveble family obliged must be sold for pay debts and fulfill the daily needed.finally Chairul Tanjung with siblings and his parents had to move to a narrow room inn.Chairul Tanjung college while opening business to insufficient allowance. Initially his sells book mimeographed,then also sell t-shirt. He and his friend also open a copy business at campus.he also open a kiosk in the area senen a central of jakarta which provide variety of needed,medical equipment and

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