Acquaintance Rape Research Paper

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Females are victimized by someone they know. It can be the creepy uncle, or the cool grandpa. Acquaintance rape in most cases is committed by someone close to the victim or the victims’ family. Any time of penetration is rape, and you have a right to say NO! It is illegal and it’s devastating to the victim. Acquaintance rape can be classified as “date rape.” People tend to believe that rape can be avoided “if she didn’t dress provocative,” or “she was asking for it!” none of that is true. Women are allowed to wear what they want without “asking for it!” If a woman says no, it means NO! If a woman is stuck in a situation that she is uncomfortable, make a scene, and always trust gut feelings. If something doesn’t feel right get out of…show more content…
Still in many countries they believe that a spousal rape doesn't exist, and that divorce brings shame upon the family. Victims choose to stay with their abuse because change is scary and they tend to blame themselves “Maybe if I lost ten pounds he wouldn’t call me fat! Maybe if I didn’t say that than he wouldn’t hit me!” In any abuse case the abuse is NOT the victims fault, and many people fail to realize that. Many women that are abused begin to think that it’s a normal way of life, and don’t want to get help. These women love their abuser and because some women rely on their abuser financially they continue to live with the cruelty. The woman believes that she won’t meet anyone else that will love her, and that she is not good enough for anyone else. She starts to slowly destroy herself because that is what the abuser kept building into her mind with every word, and every bruise. Abused victims develop the Battered Women Syndrome, and can retaliate and kill their abuser. It’s hard to get help for the victim, but it’s necessary so the victim doesn’t end up dead, or even sometimes so the children don’t follow in the abusers footsteps. Some ways to get help for the abuse would be: The National Domestic Violence Hotline – “This confidential and free hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in more than 170 languages. Hotline staff can offer…show more content…
Child abuse can be physical, mental, emotional, or sexual. In many foster homes they don’t care about the child, they collect the money while the child is out roaming the streets. In drug induces homes while the mother is passed out on the couch the stepfather might rape the little girl. It’s a sad world when it comes to harming young kids. It ruins their life, and tarnishes their way of seeing the world. Young girls sometimes turn to prostitution and drugs after being raped or “pimped out.” There are many consequences other than just bruises, the physical may hurt, but it does a lot more damage to the mental and emotional state in a

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