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This series of ads that the CDC produced is titled Bill and Bill is a man who started smoking in his younger teen years and continued to smoke throughout his life. He ignored his doctor’s warnings and concerns about his smoking habit and its harmful effects and consequences. He also was born with diabetes so smoking alongside having diabetes made his health much worse than normal. He didn’t stop smoking until it was too late. He stopped smoking after his kidneys stopped functioning, loss of sight in one eye, and after a leg amputation. Even though he had stopped smoking it was too late and his smoking addiction ended up taking his life at the age of 42. In the series of ads about bill’s smoking addiction he says to make a list of all the things…show more content…
He starts off by saying that he started smoking at a young age. He continues to say how he neglected to listen to his doctors concerns and the warnings about smoking. He says that because of his negligence he lost things in his life. He loses kidney function, sight in one eye and had to receive an amputation on his leg. Bill goes into talking about how all of his medical issues changed his life and his families’ life. He does include that he did in fact quit smoking around the age of 40 but it was too late at that point because he lost his life at the age of 42. He makes claims that smoking while having diabetes increased the harmful effects and sped up his medical issues and death. Again in this video the CDC wants the viewers to see the seriousness of bill and also have the viewers sympathize with him by having bill very emotional which can be seen on his face. Bill goes into how his smoking affected him and his family and how it changed his life so greatly that he wish he listened to his doctor and never smoked. The ad doesn’t necessarily want to scare the viewers, it simply wants to shed light on the 2nd hand effects of smoking like the way it changed bill and his

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