Who Is Rosemary's Baby?

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Based on the novel by the same name, the film Rosemary's Baby follows the life of a submissive housewife named Rosemary who becomes unknowingly impregnated by the devil after her husband joins the witch coven from their new apartment building. She gives birth to a son but is horrified to see how inhuman he looks. Despite this, her instincts as a mother takes over and she accepts her fate. The poster of Rosemary’s Baby serves as false advertisement by highly embellishing on the idea that an explicit evil (any force or person that corrupts and or maltreats its victim for immoral reasons) is present throughout the majority of the film;It takes on details from the climax and magnifies it to the point where it gives the audience an exaggerated…show more content…
In the poster the silhouette of an old fashioned stroller is on a rocky hill. This hints to a constant danger as it is obvious that with the smallest movement the stroller can go over the hill. This simple choice of location plays on the human emotions because the audience cannot help but fear for the child. While one can argue that it is a metaphor for Rosemary’s fear of the safety of her child her willingness to believe in the supernatural and frantic behavior causes the audience to question if the baby is truly in jeopardy. By placing the stroller on the hill the artist makes it appear that the baby is likely to be a victim of the questionable evil from the film. Instead of putting shadows or hints of light so that we can see the details of the stroller, it is a solid black. The solid black stroller leaves this feeling of the unknown as if the artist was trying to hide the true form of the child. To know its form would be to know that Adrian is just another object of the darkness and therefore has no reason to fear the evil. The people Rosemary believed would intend to hurt him actually wish to worship and care for him because he is the son of Satan. This image of innocence being corrupted that the artist has created is a way of…show more content…
In the poster the head of Rosemary is looking upward with her face void of emotion. She is placed above her child’s stroller but instead of a silhouette we are given a faded version of Rosemary. The artist’s choice of a faded image allows the audience to see the details in her face. It is strange to see such a blank face when she is presented as a very emotional character. In the film she has been shown to be happy, disgusted, afraid, ill, etc. and yet the artist shows none of these expressions. At the very least the poster should show her face full of disgust and or fear since that was the emotion clearly present in the film when she discovers the fate of her child. By choosing an inexpressive Rosemary the artist suggests that she is most likely the evil in Adrian’s life. Below her, her child is in peril and yet she does not show concern. A negligent mother is an evil for a baby who relies heavily on its mother. If the mother deprives the child of what it needs then she is morally corrupt. However Rosemary could never be described as a careless mother because she does whatever she can to keep her unborn child safe from the witch coven before learning the

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