Causes Of School Apathy

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Decreasing School Apathy in America Early mornings and long days that are filled with factoring polynomials, conjugating French verbs, analyzing historical documents, and studying for state-mandated tests. This required curriculum set by the state is what comprises many students’ average school day. This curriculum was developed with the goal of preparing all students for college; however, not all students plan on attending college. There are many jobs that are crucial for society to function that don’t require a degree. For students who go straight into the workforce, this college-bound curriculum is nearly worthless. The disconnect between the required classes in school and the skills needed for the workforce right after graduating high school…show more content…
The root of the major causes of school apathy is the ineffective curriculum used in schools all over the country. The current curriculum is designed to make all students college bound; however, not all students are going to attend college. For the students going straight into the workforce after high school, high school is viewed as a waste of time. According to a study performed by William J. Stull, the salary earned in the early workforce is not notably affected by the skills taught in high school (18). This fact justifies these students’ apathy toward school. Most people, especially teenagers, don’t like having to conform to large restrictions set forth by authority. Students are required to learn from a very structured curriculum, which in itself causes some apathy due to the abundant restrictions, and on top of that, it is a curriculum that won’t affect most of their futures. A revised curriculum that still has class requirements, such as being required to take four years of English classes before graduation, but offers more options for college-bound and non-college bound students, such as the option between an average English class a person would see in most schools now where students learn how to analyze literature and a class that teaches communication skills, would help to reduce apathy. By providing options, students would feel less forced by authority to conform and there would be a reduced gap between school and the outside world. In this revised curriculum, standardized tests would be strictly limited or diminished. Along with this, teachers would be given required topics to teach but they would be allowed to teach these topics their way. For example, all English II teachers would be required to teach rhetoric and pair a story with it; however, each teacher is allowed to pick the story from which they teach rhetoric from. This allows teachers to teach through stories, poems,

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