Cause Of Evolution

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Evolution, or the process of natural selection, has always been paramount to a creature’s success and survival on earth. Humans are unique in that our brains have allowed us the capability to understand what the process of evolution entails, and thus take appropriate actions to further the success of our race. We as a race can understand the immediate risks that endanger our very existence, and react appropriately to avoid or prevent such occurrences. However, Earth is slowly decaying, and we as humans are the number one cause in earth’s slow descent towards desolation. All of the resources from the earth’s crust are slowly dwindling as humans drill and extract more of them, year by year. If a nuclear war or another calamity of such magnitude wiped out the majority of earth’s human population, we would not be able to return to a the state that we are now, due to that fact- the majority of Earth’s resources have been extracted from the surface, and to find them deeper in the crust, we would need special equipment (which we would not have…show more content…
While this generation is not in trouble of the total starvation of resources and raw materials, our grandchildren will have to deal with those consequences. For this very reason (combined with the population explosion, and as a result, overcrowding, along with the extreme environmental damage resulting in global warming) we need to extend our reach to planets other than earth. With the recent confirmation of water on mars (albeit a very saline-like liquid), it proves that there are resources available to us, if we can only reach out and take them. Certain ethical concerns need to be addressed- such as the contamination of other planets, but to ensure the survival of the human race, we need to expand beyond
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