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Hudson-Kirby Field The aroma of freshly cut grass, the ferocious roar of the crowd, the screeching of the referees whistles, and the loud bash from the clashing of helmets is what a Cordovian will usually experience on a Friday night during football season. This is the place that made me fall in love with the spine tingling yet heart warming sport of football. Right off of Old Birmingham Highway, and down the old discolored, pot hole filled Garners Gen Road is the small country town of Cordova's most treasured place, Hudson Kirby Field. This might just be a small high school stadium to most people, but to me it is like a second home. The trimmed and well maintained field stretches a lengthy one hundred twenty yards long and fifty-three yards…show more content…
The home side is entirely made up of solid concrete and expands the full length of the field. Towering above the home side stands, roughly towards the center of the stadium, is the cobalt tinted press box. Painted on the front of the press box in bold white letters, to let everyone know of Cordova's former glory, are the years of Cordova's past football state champions. On top of the press box stands the historical silver torch of the blue devil. The press box has recently had a thunderous new speaker system added to it so announcers can enlighten information upon the fans. The visitor side stands are not quite as luscious as the home side stands, but are still a nice comfortable area to enjoy the activities held at the field.. The visitor side stands have only have half of their seating made up of the stiff and durable concrete. The other half of the visitor side stands consist of long steel bleachers. During the frigid parts of the year, the steel bleachers are nearly glacial. To be able to stand the chilling steel bleachers it is better to have many layers of cloths on. Visitors also do not have the necessity of their own press box on their side. The visitors must listen to the booming speakers from the home side of the field to hear the ongoing events information. Even though the visitors side is not as quite as extravagant as the home side, both home and away fans get to have one magnificent place to

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