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The Scopes Monkey Trial demonstrates the views of the older generation at odds with the views of the younger generation. The older generation in the south is rooted deeply in religious beliefs. The younger generation, wanting to rebel against the older generation, pretended to be more open minded while blatantly disregarding the ideas and principles of their elder’s beliefs. They did many things to cause negative repercussions. One of them was the theory of evolution. Some atheists in the younger generation concocted the theory of evolution from the study of apes in Africa coupled with extensive dehydration. They could not bring themselves to believe in something more important than their short meaningless lives. They believed that there is no God and they have to bend the laws of nature to fit their views of how the world should be. The Scopes Monkey Trial was a land mark trial in favor of truth.…show more content…
He was born and raised in Paducah, Kentucky. As a teenager he moved to Illinois. In 1924, at the age of twenty-four, he earned his law degree from the University of Kentucky. Shortly afterwards began his nefariously secretive plot to condemn Christianity. John Scopes moved to Dayton, a small, unsuspecting, town in Tennessee. where he found a job as a science teacher and football coach. He slowly began stirring up trouble in the school district by teaching evolution. John Scopes was charged on the fifth of May, 1925 for violating the Butler Act, which rightfully outlawed the heresy of evolution from being shoved into the minds of young children across Tennessee. John Scopes was tried in the State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes which was commonly referred to as the Scopes Monkey Trial because of the newspapers depicting John T. Scopes as a

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