Catfish Essay

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Those people in life that keep us guessing in life, that make the pond ripple, those people the . As co-directors, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, charm the audience with this gripping documentary Catfish exposes and addresses the controversial and topical issues of the dangers of Facebook. Catfish, a two-time major award winning documentary, follows the life of a budding, New York photographer, Nev Schulman, who is one day befriended by a mysterious, artistic prodigy, Abby. The foundation of their friendship begins on Facebook, which then expands to online connections with the eight year olds whole family, including her mum, Angela. After an intriguing and misleading opening, the film soon begins to take a turn as Nev develops an online relationship with Abby’s older sister, Megan. As the relationship progresses, Nev soon discovers that the Megan, who he has seemingly fallen for, with just one problem. Megan does not exist, and is just one link in…show more content…
The music, not only suits the theme, but also is vital in setting the mood. At the beginning of the film it some-what renders that of a video game’s, yet as the truth starts to unravel, the music matures becoming darker, more suspenseful. The use of clever graphics throughout the film effectively helped to tie the theme together. For example, with the use of Google Maps as a film technique, it places an emphasis on the distance between Nev and Angela. Also, in the opening credits of the documentary, it appears to show a pixelated picture, with various areas zoomed in. Because the image are zoomed in you can’t see the whole picture, not until the end can you tell that it is showing different perspectives of Facebook – a concept also resembling Nev and Megan’s
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