Carlos Gardel: A Short Story

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As a young man, I dreamed of being a footballer (Soccer). I saved up some money and bought a one-way ticket from Las Vegas to Italy where my favorite player Maradona was mesmerizing the fans in Napoli. My father gave me a gold letter necklace with the name of Carlos Gardel on it; this was a gift from one Carlos Gardel fan to another. Gardel, as he is known in the Tango world, is a famous Argentinean tango singer. I say is, because even though he tragically died over 80 years ago, he is still very much alive. The idea was that maybe Diego could help me get a trial at one of the clubs. I liked the idea of meeting him, but I didn't want to ask him for help. If I was going to make it in football, I wanted to do it on my own. As I began to settle in my new home in Anzio, I noticed…show more content…
This was my chance, so I didn't hesitate to tell them my story, that I had a gift for Diego. The young man pressed the intercom button and told Diego that I had come from far away with a gift for him. As the sound of the buzzer stopped, we now had access and were on our way to meet Diego, I couldn't believe it! I started to prepare my camera as I walked up the stairs, which by the way was not a digital one, but one of those older style cameras, the ones that needed a cartridge, and you had to roll it forward until the teeth caught the perforations on the edge of the film. As Diego opened the door, the first thing I noticed was the large posters of him in action all over the walls, it was magnificent, giant posters of my childhood hero, I wanted them all! I nervously snapped a couple of quick pictures just to make sure that the roll of film was properly in place and had moved forward. I proceeded by hugging him first and then his wife Claudia, that greeted us with a smile as if we were life-long

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