Assignment 1: A Case Study: Bronx Community College

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“Bronx Community College” Bronx Community College is a history place that every student that have the opportunity to be in there need to be proud of been in the first “National Historic Landmark”, In other word it was officially recognized by the United States government for its outstanding degree. Bronx Community college was invented in 1957, by a group of civic-mided. The reason Bronx community college was established was because they want to increase the higher education facilities, but after that place was belong to NYU college before it was Bronx Community college. The design of the building that was opened in 1990, was based on the pantheon in rome. After Bronx Community College was invented, the first class in February 2,…show more content…
The older team in Bronx Community college is baseball, had more than 20 year and the actual head coach is Adolfo De Jesus. The trajectory of the athletes programs in Bronx Community College is not bad at all, the Baseball and Basketball team are one of the best team in the city. However each team have won the Cuny Championship at least 5 time, and in the season of 2015 the basketball, women's basketball and Baseball team participated in the Cuny Championship, unfortunately the Basketball team for the men lost in the final but the Baseball and women's basketball teams took the W and bring another Championships to the college. It's important to have programs like that, because a lot of student got motivated to go school and passed the class even though they are just there for sports that help them to become a better person and get a degree and in the future to get a good job. For example I'm in the Baseball team and I was so excited to play Baseball in my first semester that I like to go school and do my work in the class because I knew it that if I pass all my class I would be able to play and do what I love to do, and also because that is an experience that is good to have because to get to know a lot of people

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