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Owning a car is one of the most common dreams of a teenager. That’s what they look forward to once they become a teenager. A car can represent anything-freedom, independences and adulthood. It can also represent power in our society-the type of car that you drive, this is closely tied to wealth. The belief of having a car is that this object gets you to places you need to get to. Majority of the families in America owns at least one car. A car is a necessity in everyday life because it transport you to a place you need to go. Owning a car has its responsibilities because you have to pay for the car in order to have it, the gas and damages. In this society, having a car that is expensive can represent our status. It’s valued a lot in our culture because growing up as a child and onto teenage years, we have dreamed of driving and craved that feeling of having that freedom. Every kid on their sixteen birthday looks forward to getting their license because thats the…show more content…
In the poem it talks about Beowulf killing Grendel, a demon who attacked Heorot Hall, hunting and killing Danes. After Beowulf conquers Grendel, King Hrothgar presents Beowulf with gifts and one of the gifts included eight horses with gold bridles. “Then Halfdane's son presented Beowulf with a gold standard as a victory gift ….” (1019-1026). The horses symbolize status and wealth. Horses could mark a line between rich and poor but they could be illustrated in numerous ways, in specific theres a difference between wealth and prestige. Gifts like the horses, were given out to those who were loyal to the king. "Finally I healed the feud by paying: I shipped a treasure to the Wulfings and Ecgtheow acknowledged me with oaths of allegiance” (470-472). During the Anglo-Saxon era, horses played a crucial role in Anglo-Saxon culture. Anglo-Saxon warriors used horses not just as means of transportation, but also in battle. They were also used in chivalries-horse races.

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