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My definition of a hero is someone or something, that does a selfless act towards anyone's wellbeing or for any safety reasons. Someone who takes the initiative to help another and not expecting anything in return. In the poem “Beowulf”, he shows a different definition of being a hero. Beowulf shows strength, bravery, and determination even if it meant risking his life to do so. Beowulf’s selfless actions to protect his people and the land can be seen throughout the poem. Beowulf is recognized as a hero, the Danes are aware of Beowulf’s strength being that they have heard stories of him fighting various monsters. A baseball team also demonstrated physical strength also team work while helping a small girl escape from under a trapped car. All…show more content…
No one else could do What I mean to, here, no man but me Could hope to defeat this monster. No one Could try” (Anonymous 62, l 625-630). Beowulf who is now an old man takes up the challenge of fighting a dragon, to reassure that the people are safe regardless of what happens. Determined to show the people that he is still a leader, and that he is also ready to face a life or death situation without hesitation.. Steven Salzano was a firefighter in Brooklyn, New york. On September 11, 2001 was the day he was off duty. As he hear that a passenger plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. He called his job, who told him that they didn’t need his assistance. As the second plane hit Steven left his home and went to the fire department. On his way to help where the damage was done he described what he saw, “When we got there you couldn’t see, even up to the Chamber St. you couldn’t see. It was completely dark, you had about ten yards of visibility there, when we walked past Vessey street, everything cleared up” (Funaro). As a firefighter he was dedicated and determined to help. Not because it was his job to do so, he wanted to do it. He wanted to help as many people as he could even if it meant risking his life to save

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