Capitalism Exposed In Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

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Upton Sinclair wrote and published six books in his lifetime, but The Jungle was first to win him much deserved recognition and praise. The jungle helped to form the pure food laws. While reading The Jungle, I found that the main theme of the book is capitalism, And the many negative effects it inflicted on the working lives of men, women, children and Especially immigrants in the 1920’s. Capitalism is a political and economic system where a Countries’ industry is controlled by private owners, and they intake all the profit. The author, Upton Sinclair portrays capitalism as unrighteous. Upton Sinclair Paints a mental image for readers’ describing the collapse of capitalism, and all the ways It failed to thrive. It exposed…show more content…
I’m under the impression that Upton Sinclair wrote this book to speak for the People that were exposed to harsh working conditions, for the people that lost everything And had to live in extreme poverty, some even homeless. For the people that lost their families ,Those that are suffered from the demise of their spouses and children due to such conditions. For the immigrants that merely attempted to chase the “American dream”, and live a life Of honest work and honest pay, but instead are harassed and cheated out of money because of Their ethnicity. He wrote this book for justice, and to expose the intentions of insensitive Bosses that will stop at no cost to make more profit; even if it involves selling diseased meat And risking the heath and lives of many americans. He wrote this book to show what capitalism Was doing to America and to promote what he thought was the answer; socialism. Socialism is an economic phenomenon stating that the industry should be controlled by the community as team, not just wealthy figures. The Jungle takes place in Packingtown, Chicago. In the beginning of the twentieth

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