Wordless Picture Book: A Ball For Daisy

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Wordless Picture Book: A Ball for Daisy Introduction A Ball for Daisy is the wordless picture book used for this lesson. This book appears on the Complexity Scale by Louie and Sierschynki (2015) at a simple level (p. 106). It can be used to teach many things, but it is meaning is clearly presented. The events are in chronological order, moment and emotion are easy to interpret, and it has the theme of love and loss. Daisy loves her ball, it is broken by another dog in the park, and Daisy is devastated until the ball is replaced. The intent of reading this book is to get a feel for what the child knows about stories and how he is using language. Mike is a six year old first grader who uses a blend of Spanish and English at home. His father speaks only Spanish and his mother speaks and writes some English. His parents are from Mexico. He has one older sister who is diagnosed with cancer and has been very ill. The father works in construction and the mother says at home and takes care of his sister. He loves school and passed all English Language proficiency test in Kindergarten. Mike is an emergent writer, is working on spelling single syllable short vowel words without help, and is able to independently write the consonants sounds he hears in words. He cannot read or write Spanish. Preview…show more content…
He looks at the front and back cover of the book where there are three different pictures of Daisy. There are no end papers in this hardcover book. He uses the cover to predict what the story will be about. Mike: As we preview the cover he says, “I see something right here, “and he points to the dog on the cover. Teacher: “What do you

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