The Pros And Cons Of Trucking

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I currently own a trucking company. Lately we have had several of our drivers complain that it is taking them hours to find loads which is affecting their income. Some of our drivers are frustrated because after searching for hours, they find the loads are already taken, or the loads are not paying well. Our drivers are getting frustrated because if the trucks are not moving. they are not making money. Since my husband started out as a company driver and then became an owner operator, we completely understand how they feel. There are several different issues they are dealing with. It is dangerous and illegal for a driver to search a load board while driving. Some of them try to make stops along their routes to find a load, but sometimes they end up running out of hours. If the drivers wait until the end of the day, there are only few loads to choose from which causes them to have limited options. The loads found later in the day are generally lower paying loads, have multiple stops, or are extremely heavy. It causes the trucks to make less money and often they have delivery appointments later in the day which causes them to run out of driving hours. If they deliver too late, they will be stuck overnight…show more content…
When my husband started driving, I was a stay at home mom so I had time to find his loads prior to starting my workday. Since I have been working from home for a number of years, I could schedule my day around what the trucking business needs. Many of our drivers are new and do not have that help. It is not that their significant others would not help, many of them do not have knowledge of the business. A trucker that has a load everyday can make about $5,000 a week verses one that can’t find a load each day may only make about $2,000. During the discussion, I asked my husband what we can do to help and we came up with to different

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