Women On The Homefront Essay

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Women on the Homefront Women on the homefront was the most important contributor to world war one, it is so important because of the reasons I will list in this essay. Firstly, economically speaking woman made an impact hugely in factories, secondly, women on the homefront had a lot to do with social advances of women all over Canada and the world. Women on the homefront are so significant because of the way it shaped Canada. All the men went to war and fought while the women were expected to stay at home until it was noticed that there were less factories with workers and cities seemed dead or empty thus, resulting in the women starting to take action and work in the factories. This was an immense time for women’s rights because it was the first major time women were brought into the workforce. Women didn't just stop there they all began to push the boundaries…show more content…
Woman started to earn independence because they were making their own money and not relying on the men to provide for them. This was the starting point of women independence spreading across the nation. Women still did their part at home by donating household items to recycling scrap metal drives and encouraging others to “Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without.”(Canada Remembers Women - picture below) This poster was used to try and make women socially and economically impacted by what they can do at home to contribute to war. It was hard to women to fill the new roles that arose due to the demands of wartime. They had less time to stay at home and cook and clean and take care of the children because someone had to work and provide for the family. Going back to women’s rights socially being accepted into our society we started to notice some change in the industrial revolution when women could wear pants and go out with each other and ride bikes and drive around with out the need of always being at

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