Byzantine Vs Islamic Caliphate

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Religion, the core ideology in many civilizations, has been used to manipulate the people of that civilization, whether the government was secular, or if it was entirely religiously based. Many of these religion based civilizations have very strict law codes that follow their holy books to the letter. Two key examples of this were the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic caliphate, both forming around the Mediterranean. During the Byzantine era, Christianity was used to rule the peoples, while in the Islamic caliphate, harsh sharia law of the Islamic people was used to keep the citizens in check. Both of these religions has their own religion as the form of power in the state government. This would mean that the religious leaders were also the…show more content…
This is because they attempted to get people to follow that specific religion so that they could grow as a people, and be able to conquer many more lands in the name of their god, and people wouldn’t think of it as wrong or evil. This was the same as the Islamic caliphate because many people decided that since they were living in laws based off of Islam they might as well just convert so they know exactly what they must do to follow the law codes. The Islamic leaders would then attempt to get those who were already converted to convert others, so they may grow a world empire. The Byzantine Empire tried doing the same thing, but eventually it failed them and they entirely collapsed, while the Islamic empires just split into separate countries, and some even kept the sharia law code, even with the opposition of…show more content…
This was due to the fact that the Byzantine Empire used a much more loose way of controlling their people in the form of laws and punishments. They did this by not having super strict laws to the point that many would defy them, but rather based their law code off of the Roman one. This was because many of the people of the early Byzantine Empire had already experienced Roman law, and many were already used to how the laws worked and how the Romans rules. Those who had not been through Romans laws, were instead carrying the tradition of Rome and how it ruled its people with them, which was the key focus of the Byzantine Empire. Because their law systems were quite reasonable and relatable to the Roman Empire, many followed these law codes because they believed that they were there for the sole purpose of protecting

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