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Budget Message of the President: The President’s Budget Message addressed several major topics ranging from unemployment recovery, education, healthcare, clean energy, the need to cut wasteful spending and better serve the Nations interest to focusing on National power. According to the President in order for this country to make a comeback all these things need to be addressed if we are to move forward this is an effort to lower U.S. debt deficit. The Administration took several steps towards preventing and economic collapse while addressing crises in the U.S. banking sector, housing market, and auto industry. The decision by the President to invest in saving the auto industry was a major plus for the workers at auto plants in the state of Michigan. The fundamental objectives addressed were unemployment recovery, education and healthcare reform. The budget for unemployment recovery focused on encouraging small business to hire, make investment in infrastructure along with clean energy investment in order to create jobs in the private sector. Education budgeting was intended to reform and improve elementary and secondary school funding. Higher standards were set while encouraging more innovation. The Administration has the intent to Reward…show more content…
economy through the stimulus program. It encouraged more spending, which was put back into the system. In 2010 the economic situation was bleak we were just two years post recession millions of Americans were unemployed, business where shutting down, and the housing market lost tremendous value. Our Nation was in deep-rooted debt reaching into the tens of trillions and to top it off we were still in a War with Iraq where the American people did not see an end to it. The Administration faced numerous matters addressing economic unrest, creating jobs for the Nation, and cautiously pulling out of Iraq to end the

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