Buddhism Vs Christianity Research Paper

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The questions about life, its sense, and purpose of human existence on the Earth have been relevant at all times. Various religions give answers to all these questions, denying or proving the existence of meaning of life. Buddhism and Christianity are two world religions, however, Buddhism is an Eastern religion and Christianity represents one of Western religions. The aim of the paper is to study the similarities and differences of Buddhism and Christianity that are rooted in their history, rules and afterlife beliefs. Firstly, there is a distinction between the history of Buddhism and Christianity according to the origin of Buddha and Jesus. Jesus Christ, the son of God, was born as an ordinary person. Jesus' mother was a poor woman. In contrast, Buddha was born in the royal family. His father ordered to decorate the temple and invited the neighboring kings for this event. The king tried to make Buddha “enjoy comfort and only see the pleasures of life” (Cioccolanti 44). Moreover, Buddha was married and had a son. The only similarity in the two stories is that both future leaders found their way to the temple. The…show more content…
Generally, legends and history of religions, as well as commandments and worldviews have particular similarities. However, the whole essence and meaning of any religion consist in the meaning of life and attitude towards others. Meaning, purpose of life, and the understanding of afterlife in Christianity and Buddhism are very different. Although some of the commandments are the same, they are different in their causes. There is a great difference in the origin, life and role of Jesus and Buddha. While Jesus was a Teacher, Buddha’s teaching does not give many answers. Buddha sought for salvation, while Jesus brought it. An awareness of differences is essential for meaningful dialogue and constructive debate between Christianity and Buddhism, and promotion of common

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