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Breaking Chemistry Breaking Bad is a TV-series of a high school chemistry teacher named Walter White who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His son suffers from cerebral palsy and his wife is pregnant with a second child. Seeing that his financial situation is not very stable, Walter chooses to turn an old RV into a meth lab with his former student, Jesse Pinkman. Throughout the show, Walter and Jesse run into life threatening situations so they perform multiple experiments/explosions with chemistry that can be life threatening to those around them.. In the pilot episode of Breaking Bad, Walter performs a Colored Flame experiment in his chemistry class by spraying a Bunsen burner flame with chemicals, producing a green and red flame. The…show more content…
Ricin is a poison that looks like salt but is created with the left overs of processed waste from castor beans. There is no antidote to treat Ricin but the effects of it such as nausea can be treated to minimize the poisoning. If ingested, symptoms could include vomiting, and dehydration, which could be followed by low blood pressure and seizures. Throughout the seasons of Breaking Bad, Walter creates Ricin to attempt to poison Tuco, Gus Fring, and Lydia, by putting it in their food or drink. Jesse once hid Ricin in his cigarette pack by putting Ricin in an emptied out cigarette. Most people will not know they are poisoned by Ricin because the powder dissolves in liquid and looks very similar to salt. Although Walter never used the Ricin on Tuco or Gus Fring, he did use it on Lydia. Lydia sent a group of men to Walter’s house to threaten his wife Skyler with death of her and her child. Walter used the Ricin on Lydia, which caused her death. The question is, Walter told Lydia that she was poisoned with Ricin, so why did she not call an ambulance for help? My theory is, although there would only be a 50 percent chance of survival, Lydia would have to explain who poisoned her and why, which could lead a connection to the Blue Meth and put her in

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