Summary Of The Pro-Choice Argument Made By Paul W. Taylor

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In this paper, the pro-choice argument made by Paul W. Taylor will be analyzed. The analysis will consist of looking at the main argument brought forth by Taylor and the strengths that make his argument logical with little to no weaknesses to discredit it. In order to show that Taylor’s argument is in fact logical we will take a look at the key concepts within the article and how they help to explain the argument he is trying to present. The basis of Taylor’s argument is that the ethics of respect for nature is based on three elements: a belief system, an ultimate moral attitude and a set of rules of duty and standards of character. The belief system shows to justify the adoption of the attitude of respect for nature; which then needs a set…show more content…
With Greek humanism the idea of humans being superior over other species was very clear when it came to the Greek definition of man as a rational animal. Rationality is what made us superior over animals but this rational component doesn’t make us superior. The value of rationality is its significance for human life. Cartesian dualism centers on the idea of the soul and the body. What makes human superior is that we have a soul and nonhumans just have a body. This notion doesn’t make human any more superior than nonhumans. The Judeo-Christian concept of the Great Chain of Being deems humans superior to animals and plants because their Creator has given them a higher standing. By humans being closer to God then plants or animals makes them superior over them. Even to think that our genetic make-up makes us superior to animals or plants is wrong because as the beliefs system we have talked about starts to become part of the framework in how we comprehend and see the world we see that we have a moral relation to nonhumans. By rejecting the idea of human superiority allows the positive counterpart to emerge: the doctrine of species impartiality. Someone who accepts this sees all living things as having inherent worth since no one species is deemed

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