Boston Marathon Ethical Issues

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Taking ethical issues associated with it into account, equal sharing would decrease the esteemed value of the Boston Marathon. So, people will not find it respected due to its routine selection procedures. The historic value of this marathon is immense and washing of that value would be hurtful for the charity works (Cather, 2008). Also, the cost linked to the equal sharing, Contrary to the prevalent thought, will start snowballing as a consequence of the number of increased participants. Additionally, the equal sharing technique may or may not intensify the inspiration of competition among the society members. Therefore, it would end the spirit of winning and passion of the partakers and eventually, people will find it mundane and it might happen that, the Boston Marathon would need to be winded up instantaneously in the near future. So, the spectators are the personnel, who in the…show more content…
But, thinking about other allocation mechanics for the said entry ticket’s provision, lottery, FCFS, auction, equal sharing and personal characteristics do not serve as a good foundation and they need to be enhanced so as to exclude disputes accompanying them. Moreover, I agree that, there is a need of sound allocation methods in dispensing tickets, but, it is also true that, we need to find out comprehensive instrument to remove aforesaid issues. However, I am convinced that, ticket allocation process is vital for the charity purposed racing event and funding is also necessary for the said or anticipated humanitarian tasks. If we want to build our society and surrounding, stuffed with the equality, free of prejudice and immoral issues, we must find out proper systems or methods to safeguard the Boston

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