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One sunny fall morning in my first year of high school in English class while I was rummaging through the books on the shelf, I came across a book called "Annie on my Mind" by Nancy Garden. The moment I read the summary on the back, I was enticed because it was different and alluring. I was in awe of the author for writing such a novel story. There were so many new scenes that I've never noticed and so many new words that I had never been exposed to before that now expanded my epeolatry. I never enjoyed reading before that moment in time because of lack of interest in the themes of the book. After finishing the book though, it was a pivotal moment for me... I realized that not only did I fall in love with the book, but also fell in love with reading. The more books I read, the more I began to realize that books have been helping me broaden my knowledge about different groups of people and cultures. For example, in the book Bronx Masquerade, students in a high school read their own poems aloud in a class about what it’s like to be in their shoes, being who they are and coming from where they’re from. It wasn’t that easy for them to deal with things they felt…show more content…
Reading many different books has led me to the desire to study psychology. Books and reading itself have taught me so many new traits that I never would have thought would. Becoming more open-minded, empathetic, non-judgmental and patient has been a journey of many stories that have and will continue to help me relate to diverse groups of people and provide them with the support they need. On a college campus I will be able to experience more of the diversity and take in as well as share more helpful traits. I believe that all the traits that I have stated will help me in my pursuit to become a

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