Bone Marrow Transplant Essay

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What is the impact of chemistry in bone marrow transplants? A bone marrow transplant is used for treating immune diseases and disorders such as cancer . Bone marrow is found within the bone where stem cells are located. Stem cells produce blood cells for the body and platelets, these cells help form blood clots. Bone marrow transplants replace the damaged stem cells located in the bone marrow with new ones.("Bone marrow transplant: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia") In most cases a bone marrow transplant is needed to replace damaged stem cells in the bone. In order for a donor to match up for a bone marrow transplant they have to have a partial match up in genes. The lengthy process for a transplant usually starts with radiation and chemotherapy. There are three different types of transplants the most common is the Allogeneic Transplant, in this transplant the use of a donor is necessary.("Bone marrow transplant:…show more content…
How chemistry is shown through the process of a bone marrow transplant is important in the process of finding a genetic match. Since the chemical makeup of our body that produces proteins is a copy of DNA from our parents. We have similar genetic make up from our parents, and since we receive fifty percent from both mom and dad we are fifty percent of the same genetic makeup as our siblings. However even though all siblings have half the same genetic makeup as their parent that doesn’t mean that all siblings have the same exact genetic makeup from each parent. When this happens and we are the same fifty percent match up as a family member this is a factor that allows for transplants by donors. All this shows how we are chemically made up of genes that show how we are related to one another. And how important our chemical makeup of DNA and genetics makes to our body and a key factor in
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