Body Worn Cameras Research Paper

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Law enforcement struggle every day to justify the decisions they make while on the job. People today automatically assume that the police officer is in the wrong. The most accurate way to get proof of what actually happens is to get a video recording of the actual events that occur. So, should all law enforcement be required to wear cameras? According to the article “Body-Worn Cameras,” by the National Institute of Justice, body-worn cameras not only help uncover the truth they also provide many beneficial factors for the police force. Although there are some concerns with the use of the cameras, the impact they have will help improve today’s law enforcement. Body-worn cameras have an array of benefits. Police officers who wear body-worn cameras have their every move being watched. This leaves no room for inappropriate behavior. Police officers are required to set the example and body-worn cameras will ensure that they do. In many recent cases there have been multiple accusations that police officers abuse the power that they have. The cameras allow officials to review the footage of the incidents to determine whether or not the officers had reasons for their actions. Using the footage from body-worn cameras can also serve as a great training aid. Future law enforcement…show more content…
Many people view being video recorded as an invasion of privacy. Body-worn cameras would be used in situations that may result in traumatic experiences. Having footage of the incidents would cause each victim to re-live the experiences that they went through. The risk of injury from body-worn cameras is low, but it does exist. The cameras that are worn as head piece could lead to an injury during a physical assault. Cameras of good quality have a high price. On top of the cost of the camera there is also a cost for the media storage. Body-worn cameras would require a huge investment which might take the funds from another law enforcement

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