Analysis Of I M Not Her By Cara Sue Achtenberg

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I'm Not Her is a marveling first novel by Cara Sue Achtenberg. The book is narrated by the two major characters Carin and Leann. The book has an overall theme concerning why one should not make conclusions about people based on the physical state of that person. I'm Not Her is a work of fiction that is about how the lives of two women, Carin and Leann, drastically change after an encounter in a grocery store called Shop N' Save. Carin Fletcher who happens to be a pretty, fit, self-absorbed and underemployed college graduate after being hit by a valentine imitation finds herself living as Leann who was the exact opposite of Carin. Leann was an uneducated, poor, and obese checkout clerk at Shop N' Save. After an accident at the grocery store Carin finds herself in Leann's body, and Leann finds herself in Carin's body.…show more content…
Carin makes effort to fix Leann's lifestyle by enrolling in a workout routine at the gym that she worked out when she was herself. She acquires two jobs and tries to fend for herself and most importantly her new son and sometimes she stands up to her demanding husband, something she came to realize Leann never did. She also makes two dear new friends, Mr. Giovanni who allows her to use his washer, and Jimmy, her fellow employee whom she seems to be developing feelings for. She longs for her original life her family, Scott, and her lifestyle, but she gets attached to Leann's son

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