Blood Persuasive Speech

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“The Importance of Blood Donation” General Purpose: To Persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that donating blood is the right thing to do. Thesis Statement: The body can’t function without blood and blood is life. Therefore, we need to share it for everyone to live. Introduction A. Attention Getter: How would you feel if your family or someone you know needs something, that would help them keep alive and you are the only person that is able to help them? What would you do? Creditability statement: According to the American Red Cross every two seconds someone in the US dies for the need of blood. Preview main points- 1. First I’ll tell you why we should donate blood 2. Second the benefits of donating 3. Third who needs…show more content…
I’ll tell you why should we donate blood A. Everyone needs blood for survival; the body can’t function without it 1. People that donate blood was ask to by a friend 2. A family member may be in need of blood 3. Some believe it’s the right thing to do B. About 2,000 donations are needed every day in New York/New Jersey that needs a lifesaving blood transfusion 1. According to Approximately 5.6 million blood donations are collected each year. 2. (Transition: Now that you have heard about the reason why you should donate blood; now I will tell you the benefits of donating.) II. The Benefits of donating Blood A. You will receive a mini physical to check the following -Pulse -Blood pressure -Body temperature -Hemoglobin -You will also be check for HIV and West Nile B. Donating blood can help your blood to flow better and it puts the donor on an 80% less likely to suffer from a heart attack. III. Who needs blood and the process of donating blood A. Kids that are diagnose with sickle cell and anyone who has been diagnose with cancer. B. Victim that had been in a car accident 1. A single car accident can require as many as 100 pints of
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