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Mehmed the Conqueror was the seventh Ottoman sultan. Mehmed II was an Ottoman sultan who ruled first from 1444 to 1446. And at a later time from 1451 till May 1481 when he died while on campaign. Sultan Mehmet II was born in the city of Edirne, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire at that time. The sultan Mehmet II was also known as Mehmet al-Fatih which means the conqueror in Turkish. Mehmet II was also very well read in Islamic and Greek literature and he was also fluent in many languages such as Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Greek and Latin. By the age of twelve he was Sultan. By the age of twenty-one the Sultan Mehmed II had conquered the city of Constantinople, which brought an end to the Byzantine Empire. By the age of forty-nine Mehmet II had died. Mehmet II conquered all of Anatolia and also…show more content…
The conquest of Constantinople was one of the major goals in Islamic tradition and of the Ottoman Empire. In the Bosporus, the fortress Anadoluhisarı, which means “Anatolian castle” in Turkish, had been built by his great grandfather Bayezid I. Mehmed built an even bigger fortress called Rumelihisarı, which means "Fortress in the Land of the Romans", on the opposite side. After the completion of the fortress Mehmed ii controlled the Bosporus and with that the entrance to the city of Constantinople. With these tow castles the Ottoman Turks could control the flow a resources and people traveling into the city. On 22 April, Mehmed transported his lighter warships overland, around the Genoese colony of Galata and into the Golden Horn's northern shore. Because of this the Byzantines stretched their troops over a too long a portion of the wall. A month later, Constantinople fell on May 29 following a fifty-seven day siege. After his victory, Mehmed II moved the Ottoman capital from Edirne to

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