The Transformational Motif In Harry Potter

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I’m sure almost everyone in the world has heard of, read, or watched at least one of the Harry Potter movies or books. Harry Potter is a modern story about a young wizard, and the chronological adventures him and his friends go through. Harry Potter and his friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, all are students at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. Harry’s parents are famous wizards, who were killed which left Harry as an orphan. He lived with his Uncle and Aunt and his cousins where he wasn’t treated equally. The first book describes Harry at his new school where he becomes obsessed with a mirror, imagining his parents showing up. Dumbledore, warns Harry about spending all of his time in front of the mirror and how it will cause him to be unmoored…show more content…
For instance, just like Harry, the heroes and gods transform their appearance quite often, which is also known as shape shifting. Such as, the story when Zeus disguised himself as Artemis so he could get close enough to Callisto, so that she couldn’t escape when he tried to rape her. Another story of the Greek gods transforming themselves into something else is the story when Tiresias was walking through the woods and saw two snake making love, he poked them with a stick and was changed into a woman. Years later he came across the same thing and was turned back into a man. Zeus wanted to know which of the two sexes enjoyed sex more. Tiresias replied that it was women. Hera blinded him for that, and Zeus not being able to do anything about it gave Tiresias the gift of foresight. These stories have has a great influence in the modern fictional stories today like Harry Potter’s. In Harry Potter’s, the prisoner that escaped the prison of Azkaban accomplished this by disguising himself into a dog. In addition to this, some of Harry’s professors transform themselves into animals and other people

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