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Make That Change: Analysis of Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror Only you can change your future. Michael Jackson was known as, ‘The King of Pop’. He has inspired many artist today, such as Usher, Madonna, and Beyoncé. His album ‘Thriller’, is currently the bestselling album of all time. Also his hit song Thriller, help guided MTV’s view on racism. He was an international pop sensation and from his contributions he has greatly influenced the music industry. The intended audience is everyone because his music deals with issues that were present in the 80’s and are still relevant now. The excluded audience are those who are opposed to change, and extremist groups. The music video “Man in the Mirror”, by Michael Jackson encourages change in the world and expressing that the change has to start with you. The overall theme of the song was that everyone is able to change the world, their future, and the lives of others. Within the music video there are many scenes revealing the living conditions of the children of Africa. Many without food, water, and even clothing. Many of the children are seen with…show more content…
He wrote this to express that he has grown up in a privileged lifestyle where money, food, and family were always there. Yet why should he ignore those in need, as if he were better than them, when everyone is human. As these lyrics play in the music video, they are portrayed as homeless people on the side of the road pushing shopping cart. Some are collapsed on the ground, and even shivering in the cold, as an impressing of their breathe is shown in the low-light street. After this was shown, Martin Luther King Jr. appears in the next scene. His image speaking to the crowd represents equality, peaceful ways, and great leadership. As Dr. King Jr was a common symbol for equality, MJ wanted to show that everyone is created equal because everyone is

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