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Edgar Allen Poe The Black Cat The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe was a story that started off as a happy and loving story of a man and his grown love for animals of all kinds. He was always known as a man with a kind heart and love for all animals. From a young age he was fascinated and intrigued by animals of all kinds. He was noted to be happiest while feeding and caressing an animal of any species. His love and compassion for animals carried over into his adult life. Out of all animals he formed a special bond with dogs who he found to be unselfish and self-sacrificing. He married young to a wife whom shared the same love and compassion for animals as he did. They shared their home with birds, gold fish, a dog, rabbits, a small monkey…show more content…
He alone fed him and the cat followed behind him around the house as he went and with great difficulty it was hard to keep Pluto from following him outside of the house. The connection between the cat and the man lasted for years. During those many years the man’s love and connection for his animals soon started to turn sour. He started to grow moody and impatient with his animals and the feelings of others. He soon found his self using inappropriate language towards his wife and started to abuse her. His pets too were abused. He neglected and ill-used them in many of the same ways he did to his wife. He found his self mistreating the rabbits, monkey, and even the dog by accident and whenever they got in his way. The only animal he stayed sane to for the time being was Pluto. Soon Pluto as he grew older started to become a victim to his abuse. One night when he returned home drunk he seized the cat and received a wound to his hand when the cat bit him. The alcohol soon clogged his judgment and caused him to attack the cat back. From his coat he pulled pen-knife out of his pocket, grasped Pluto by his throat and stabbed one of his eyes…show more content…
One morning in cold blood, he slipped a noose around the vats neck and hung it. While hanging the cat tears streamed from his eyes and he felt small sense of remorse over his action. He hung the cat because he knew of the love it shared for him and it gave him no reason to feel offended. He knew his decision to hang the cat would jeopardize his chances of seeing importability in the afterlife he had committed a sin that could not be forgiven. On the night of his killing- his house caught afire and he lost every earthly possession he

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